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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

:: Heidnik's House Of Horrors ::

:: 20th Century Cannibal ::

:: Graveyard Serenade ::

:: The Illegitimate Son of Ed Gein ::

:: I Am The King ::

:: Love Letter to Jamie Lee Curtis ::

:: Blood 'N' Guts 'N' Rock 'N' Roll ::

:: Teenage Bloodlust ::

:: Dead Bitch ::

:: Dark Side of the Serial Killers ::

From time to time I get emails requesting the Serial Killers, so I figured Halloween might be a good day to momentarily wake up from our coma and post it. See the original posts here and here. Okay, now back to sleeeeeep…

Billy Joel The Hun

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

:: Attila, The Album ::

Once, many years ago, a friend and I were watching "Behind The Music:
Billy Joel", not because either of us liked him, in fact I despise the
motherfucker, but only because we had nothing better to do at that
moment. Suddenly, without warning, the show revealed the fact that
Joel had been in a band in the late '60s called Attila, and they
showed a publicity photo of Joel and his drummer/partner Jon Small in
full Attila attire including horned helmets. We screamed like little
girls, and I swore at that moment that I would some day own that

Now I can say I do. It was a typical day. I was at Amoeba and had
accumulated a handful of somewhat mundane, but worthy of my collection
only because they didn't cost too much records when just as suddenly
as Behind The Music exposed me to it in the first place, I saw it on
the wall. $30.00. The records in my hand went back in their respective
bins and before I knew it, a friendly Amoeba employee got the hook and
hoisted Attila into my sweating with anticipation hands. I inspected
it - a promo copy (perhaps they all are?) and in fine shape. Worth
$30.00? Hell no!, but I didn't care. It was mine I tell you! Mine!

Oh, I'd already heard the music thanks to peer to peer file sharing,
and yes, it's awful, but that doesn't matter, does it?

Back story? Here you go. The only disappointment is that they're not wearing their horned helmets on the cover. As a matter of fact, the helmets they're holding
don't appear to have horns on them. Not that Attila the Hun was into
horned helmets (that was a Viking thing, right?), but I swear the pic
of Attila they showed on Behind the Music included helmets with horns
on them. I swear to God! Or maybe not. It was a long time ago.