Not The Original Soundtrack

:: The Electric Moog Orchestra - Cantina Band ::

:: The Electric Moog Orchestra - Imperial Attack ::

Two great tastes that go together. The Moog fad launched dozens of interesting, misguided and sometimes hilarious albums. Star Wars launched a shitslide of weird merchandising. The evil accountants at Musicor, a multi-national conglomerate headquartered in an ominous castle in the mountains of Latvia, very shrewdly combined the two with this collection of Moog versions of the music from Star Wars. And so it came to be.

This is actually pretty trippy stuff. I expected very little, and while it's really pushing it to call this good, it does at least go off in some very odd directions, and that's enough for me. I couldn't not include the Cantina Band song. It burbles and blurts along, and gets a little jazzy and strange. Imperial Attack is a whole other story. It starts out like you'd expect, but then starts to sound like Tubeway Army before skittering awkwardly into a bit of a reverbed guitar freakout. Then it sort of abruptly goes back to where it started. I'm trying to imagine the look on the face of a little kid listening to this after begging his parents to get it for him.

The rest of this isn't very entertaining, although the Main Title Theme gets a bit bizarre. There's an 8-track version of this out there, and another album of Close Encounters songs. Musicor eventually became its own sovereign nation, then turned into Clear Channel.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 12:40:00 AM

O does this bring back memories!

This exact album & a Shaun Cassidy record were my first two music purchases with my OWN money.

I think i only really ever listened to the Cantina Band tune (& the main title, of course).

If ever there was an ad for an "original sountrack recording"... i'll try to find a picture of me @ age 7, for you.    

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 7:36:00 PM

There were so many different Star Wars records out that it was confusing as to what you were buying. And who's going to know the artist of an instrumental from a movie? I'll bet tons of kids mistakenly bought the moog album, or their parents gave it to them.    

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 3:46:00 AM

My brother was one of the "suckers" (hey he was only 9-10 in '77!) who bought this or begged mom to buy it. Proably paid 2.99 for it at the local TG&Y Family Center. BTW Ebay collector mania for all things Star Wars has made this LP a fairly collecable album despite the cheesy quality of it's music.

Also be on the lookout for another fun SW knockoff album called "Living In These Star Wars" by the Rebel Force Band on Bonwhit(?) Records. It features silly but fun bubblegbum songs about the movie characters: "Chewie The Rookie Wookie".    

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 7:42:00 AM

I'd love to find that bubblegum Star Wars lp, sounds great. And TG&Y?? Man, that brings back memories. I got most of my Star Wars figures there. If I could eat a time taco and go back, one of my first stops would be TG&Y circa 1977/78.    

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