His Voice Is Not The Best, But He's Really Good Lookin'

:: Introduction By Wally Fowler ::

:: A New Star In Heaven ::

:: He's Never Been Alone ::

For a guy who devoted his life to Southern Gospel music, and who was
not so impressed with Elvis when he first met him, Wally Fowler was
sufficiently moved by Elvis' death 30 years ago to record this album
for him. Such was Fowler's clout, that the album includes performances
by Nashville hotshots and Elvis stalwarts like Charlie McCoy, D.J.
Fontana, Bob Moore and Pete Drake, and it was produced by the late,
great Buddy Killen.

So who was Wally Fowler and how did he happen to meet a yet to take
over the world Elvis Presley? Would you believe he founded those
"Elvira" singing Oak Ridge Boys back in the early 40s? He did. At the
time they were called the Oak Ridge Quartet, and they were strictly
gospel. At some point, Wally sold his interest in the group and as
they evolved they eventually became Boys instead of a quartet, hair
began to grow out of every hole in them, and gospel gave way to
Project: Mersh. By the time Fowler recorded this album, the Oak Ridge
Boys were many years behind him, but Wally never stopped singing for
Jesus, and Elvis.

So shed a tear for the King today, but know that he's in a better
place. And you know how Elvis hated to be alone? It's good to know
he's never been alone.

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