Here Come Da Creeper

:: August Pascal ::

:: Fuckin Snob ::

:: Tonight Was Fun ::

:: The Girl Who Fell To Earth ::

I can't remember why I bought this, but it was new at the time, and chances are it was because one of the songs is constructed around a sample of the GBV song "Hot Freaks" (and sort of turns into a homage to Bruce Gilbert Wire songs!) Actually, I'll go ahead and credit luna music, I bet they did a soft sell on their GBV page. I used to not be able to resist anything GBV-related.

Anyhow, this is good old lo-fi fun, and doesn't sound anything like what Dreamworks era Creeper Lagoon sounded like. Off the cuff, 4-track style, throw it and see what sticks music suited the Lagoon well. While I identified the GBV sample immediately, the sample used on "Tonight Was Fun" only registered as "old Neil Young song," but a quick listen to Harvest revealed it's the lead off track, "Out On The Weekend."

Oh, and I'll admit I fell for the Pavement-style trickery, and actually first thought this was a split 7" with Dead C on the b-side. Obviously I hadn't heard any Dead C at that point.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007 4:24:00 AM

Three Girl Rhumba!

I see where you're coming from with the"Pavement-style trickery" and the Bruce Gilbert/Wire influence on "August Pascal" - "trickery" seems a trifle strong, perhaps - but this is a great EP, and thanks for sharing it. Not the usual fare on Record Robot by any means, but a really welcome diversion.    

Saturday, June 02, 2007 5:11:00 PM

who or what are 'gbv'    

Monday, January 31, 2011 6:11:00 AM

Hey now,

I tried streaming/downloading the tracks posted in this blog entry but apparently they're no longer available on that host? If you could be a pal and hook a brother up with links to a download that works, that would be the shit. I'd love to show my appreciation via the Paypal button, but cash is one thing I don't have a ton of right now. If you're interested though, I could send you some rare Creeper bootlegs (Dreamworks era, with Ian on lead vocals) on mp3. Or any other commercially unavailable rarity on my YouTube channel for that matter.

Email me if you're interested.


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