The Psychic Rubber Duck

Thursday, April 22, 2010

:: Columbine ::

:: Roses For Mama ::

C.W. McCall knows a hot topic when he sees one - he’s the man we can thank for bringing us “Convoy” and lesser-known gems like "'Round the World with the Rubber Duck" and “Kidnap America,” released during the Iran hostage crisis.  But this track was, for once, not an opportunistic grab at whatever was happening in the newspaper that week, considering it came out 23 years before the Columbine incident.  But it seems strangely fitting that even his less calculating numbers collide with topical themes eventually.

The A side is in pretty rough shape - somebody must've played it a lot - but you get the idea.  Shockingly, “Roses For Mama” went all the way to #2 on the Hot Country Singles chart of 1977.  I thought the chorus was hilariously unimaginative lyrically and musically.  [My apologies for the slightly off-center sound, I lost my 45 adapter and had to just eye-ball it into place.]