Record Robot LIVE

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Or as close as it's ever gonna get. Our friend and excellent Robot guest contributor Alec has a regular night spinning records (called Verdugo-A-Go-Go) at Verdugo Bar here in Los Angeles, near Eagle Rock. This Saturday I'll be joining him and spinning old junk, cool funk, 80's, weird newer shit, and maybe even a few platters of strange I picked up from Scott Soriano's s-srecords. That's this Saturday, August 15th, from 9pm 'til armageddon. This place is cool as they come, and has a beer selection to be envied. Stop by and say hi!

Then next month, Mike will be at Verdugo co-spinning with Alec. So Roboty! That should be September 19th, also a Saturday, if my math is any good. Again, if you can make it, please let yourself make it.

Verdugo Bar
3408 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles 90065