Only 146 Shopping Days Left 'Til Xmas...

:: David Rose doing Holiday For Strings ::

:: Walter Schumann doing Holiday For Strings ::

Written by David Rose, "Holiday For Strings" became known as "That Shopping Song" during the spend happy fifties. I can personally attest to hearing it dozens of times during shopping excursions at The Broadway circa '57 - '60something. It was the perfect accompaniment to the hustle and bustle of the department store. Hurried, efficient and elegant.

Holiday For Strings was different than other Muzak pumped through the store's speaker system. I called it "City Music". Although it was written in the 40s, for me it defined the sound of the 50s. Presumably the "holiday" for the strings was that they were plucked, rather than bowed, but the truth is they played their asses off.

David Rose also wrote "The Stripper", which is like one of the most well known pieces of cheese music ever, defining a genre. And he wrote the Bonanza theme. Say no more.

Walter Schumann was an arranger of instrumental music who had an affection for choral arrangements. He did a lot of film and TV work and is credited with writing the Goddamn "Dragnet" theme, fer Chrisakes. His choral arrangement of "Strings" is truly a holiday for said instrument, and provides further insight into the genius of Rose's composition.

So, load these onto your iPod, set it to repeat, and go to the mall!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008 2:05:00 PM

Fantastic little tune, and I seem to remember it was used as the closing (and opening?) theme on some TV variety show in the sixties. Perhaps Red Skelton's? Pretty sure "David Rose and his Orchestra" were the house band, and the slow part had lyrics on the order of "So, goodbye/ Until the moment when/ We see you all again/ To our friends/ Near and far/ Everywhere/ Au revoir..." (Amazing, the crap still stored in the cranium.)

Leroy Anderson's thematically related "Bugler's Holiday" is another astonishingly catchy bit of fluff with strong 60's connotations in my head...    

Thursday, December 11, 2008 2:10:00 PM

(Yeah, so anyway, if you had a moment to repost the tune. it'd save me a trip to the library!)    

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Thursday, October 29, 2020 5:42:00 AM

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