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So this was an impulse buy as I was "just checking one more section" (ever use that one on a girlfriend while record shopping?), and had it not cost only a few bucks, I'd have likely left it behind, since I had no idea who The Visigoths were. Now that I've done some research from the comfort of my cushy chair, I still don't. I see they are from the Bostonesque area, that they opened for the Damned once, and that if you wish to purchase this EP from an online retailer, you'll pay through the nose. I suppose this 12" is somewhat rare, given its age and that it came out on a small label, but for all of you not willing to drop over $20 on this, here it is in cold, lifeless mp3 form.

I have to admit, and not even sheepishly, that I've never seen the acronym I.B.B.Y. The online dictionary of acronyms suggests it stands for I'll Be Blasting You or International Board On Books for Young People, which sounds like a b-side from If You're Feeling Sinister. Since this is a rock band, I'll go with the first one. I'd classify this as power pop, with power edging out pop. Raga Rock sounds like an underappreciated gem you'd hear on a Poptopia comp. The main guys in this band were named Buck Cherry (g,v) and Jimmy Multiple (b,v), and I'm pretty sure I've gotten Viagra spam from those names before.

Envelopes Q. Tit (Tony)
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 9:10:00 PM

Thanks for posting a forgotten gem.

I knew Jimmy back in '85 when we both worked at a Marriott in Boston. He was a slighly overweight nerdy kind of kid but nice. When he told me he was in a band and told me their name, I am sure I asked why he chose that name. I do not remember his answer. Too much D&D or Tolkien?

Raga Rock got it's share of airplay on college radio in Boston, back in the day. Glad to hear it again.    

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 8:12:00 PM

Excellent impulse. I wish the mp3s were still there, but at least I now have the art once I rip them from my copy of the EP.

I.B.B.Y. indeed is "I'll Be Blasting You," the theme song for one Major Mudd, a Boston institution as an afternoon kids' variety show host from the '60s.

Saw the boys perform these and many other Damned and Buzzcocks numbers in the late '80s at Chet's Last Call above the Penalty Box on Causeway St., in the shadow of the old Green Line. They rewarded my loyalty with an acknowledgment on the back of I.B.B.Y.    

Thursday, February 21, 2013 5:10:00 PM

It's so cool to see a review of this! Buck Cherry's my dad!    

Saturday, July 06, 2013 1:34:00 PM

Wow^^^ Child of Buck Cherry?! I grew up in West Roxbury, in a house your parents lived across the street from, for a few years. I used to hang out at the music store owned by Jimmy's brother, Mike, where I heard and got into your dad's band. My punk band used to cover a few of Visigoths songs during practice--in fact, every time we'd see your dad from my window, during practice, we'd play some of Neil--ahem, Buck's-- songs from the Full Treatment CD. I've been hunting down their records lately. "Large" were good too.    

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