Ladies & Gentlemen: The Nashville Moog

:: Gil Trythall - Nashville Moog ::

I've been buying an inordinate amount of records lately. I've probably
acquired a thousand LPs since the beginning of the year. I'm going for
quantity more than quality. I'm not going for the big ticket items,
but along the way you happen to pick up some anyway. This isn't one of
them, but I had to own a Moog album, so this is it. The album's called
Nashville Gold - Switched On Moog - Featuring Gil Trythall, but this
track is called Nashville Moog. It's not even listed on the back
cover, only on the label (oh, and the front cover). But it's there,
and I found it dammit!

Nashville Moog is the only original composition on the album. The
other tracks are all covers of stuff like King of The Road and Poke
Salad Annie (you know, Nashville Gold!). So on Nashville Moog you get
to know the Artist hisself; Gil Trythall.

Not much is known about Gil Trythall, not by me anyway. The caption
under his picture tells more about him than can be found anywhere
else. He was like this dude, who played country music on a synthesizer
in the early '70s, so he was like a pretty cool dude I guess. At the very least, this track will teach people how you actually pronounce Moog.

Great. Now I wanna see his underground movies.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005 2:15:00 PM

Hee, thanks! The Best Of Moog compilation also has another Gil Trythall track on it, a cover of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" -- it's awesome. I actually saw a short film a while ago (maybe 10 months? I dunno) that had Gil and Earl Scruggs playing that together, him on Moog, Scruggs on Banjo. It was indescribably awesome -- it's always cool to see two virtuosos going to town on their respective instruments on a really cool song.    

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 2:49:00 PM

Look out for the line, "a stump full o' daddy-long-legs".
That's just begging to become a Robert Pollard song title!    

Monday, July 25, 2005 12:56:00 PM

That's a hell of a lot kewler than "Switched on Bach."    

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