I Cannot Tolerate A Shirker

:: Victor Lundberg – Dear Neighbor ::

To some of you, Victor Lundberg may be the spitting image of your
Grandfather, if your Grandfather voted for Barry Goldwater in the '64
election. Sure, we laugh and probably figure this guy's a "square,
man", but compared to what passes for a political conservative today,
Mr. Lundberg nearly qualifies for a job on Air America. They don't
make records like this anymore, but I wish someone would. I chose this
cut because of the Viet Nam references and how it relates to the
current war debate. It doesn't. After you listen to this imagine
listening to a whole album - 10 tracks of this thunderous monotone.
You can almost smell the bourbon that inevitably stained the cover.
This is some very heavy shit, dude. What little research I did
revealed that Victor was a news reader at a radio station in Grand
Rapids, Michigan, and apparently a registered Libertarian. If you ask
me, he was a pretty cool guy, I'd just hate to be locked in a room
with him.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007 4:31:00 PM

I can't play the Dear Neighbor song.    

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