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:: Come Bring Your Electric Guitar ::

I've owned this old boot for years. I spent much of my youth as a Stones fan, but I've never been a big bootleg kinda guy, so this is one of the few I own. It's a studio outtake record from the Some Girls sessions in '78. SG was a comeback album, and for Stones freaks a very welcome return to form after about 5 years of seemingly uninspired Contractual Obligation rock. Ron Wood's contributions were a breath of fresh air, and at a time when Keith Richards' drug related legal problems seemed to be driving the band toward an inevitable bad ending, Wood's presence had a therapeutic effect.

My initial reaction to this album (which I acquired not long after the release of Some Girls) had more to do with how it was recorded than anything else. It sounded to me like it was recorded on the sly through a door or wall, so I wondered about the circumstances under which the recordings were made. Now when I listen, it just sounds like a lo-fi copy of a multitrack, studio recording, so some of the romance is lost, but oh well. It still sounds plenty raw, and this track in particular just strikes me as a great lost Stones track. Another gut feeling I get about it is that perhaps Ron Wood had a hand in writing the music, and maybe that's why it never got released (Jagger/Richards are very protective of their songwriting credits, although Wood did get co-writing credit for a few songs during that era).

Anyway, I really have no idea how rare or well known this song is, so enlighten me people.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 8:27:00 AM

Mike - A Stones boot fan site has much to write on this particular track:

Fiji Gin

a.k.a. "Fiji Jim" & "Come Bring Your Electric Guitar"

"Some Girls" outtake from Pathe Marconi, Paris, January 5 - March 2, 1978 sessions.

There are three variations of the same take:

1st Version: * Count-in version with lead line guitar mix. (3:57)

2nd Version: + Fade-in version of (*) (3:16)

3rd Version: ** The same vocal and instrumental as (*). The guitar mix is very different and favors the rhythm rather than the leads. Additional lead lines are also over dubbed in the introduction section of the song. Both "lead" and "rhythm" mixes are brilliant. (3:51)

Found on Tape in 1978/79:

* A tape of Pathe Marconi outtakes circulated with this song soon after the release of "Some Girls".

Found on LP's:

* "Accidents May Happen" Eva Records (ENG 5001 A/B/C/D)

Surfaced on this LP circa 1981.

* "The Paris Rehearsals" Eva Records (4B 39109 A/B/C/D)

* "Paris Rehearsals for Some Girls" Whoose Records (MCG/W-5001-1/2)

First surfaced on this LP circa 1979. Negative photo shot of vintage 1978 Jagger/Richards. Maybe the inspiration for the thermographic photography used on the "Emotional Rescue" cover. This is an alternate shot to the one seen on the cover of the 1980 "Emotional Rescue" issue of "Relix" magazine. The song plays fast and slightly out of pitch.

* "Place Pigalle" (LP) Gold Records (RS 1800 A/B) Best possible quality.

* "Some Other Girls" Vol. 1 Whom Records (WHOM-SGR-1A/1B)

** "Sheep-Dip-Blues" Outsider Bird Records (RS-032 A/B)

120 numbered copies on beautiful multicolor "splash" vinyl

Found on CD's:

* "Paris Outtakes Vol. 2" Vigotone (23 00 33)

* "Paris Outtakes" (DR695ROST)

* "Accidents Will Happen (Claudine)" Dragonman Records (701-2)

* (Disk 3, track 6)"Hot Stuff Vol. Two: In Studio" Great Dane Records 4CD book packaging with color booklet. (9P1950124901, 9P1950124902, 9P1950124903, 9P1950124904)

+ "Made In The Shade 1978" Invasion Unlimited (IU 9537-1)

+ "Megatrax Vol. 1" Chapter One (CO 25130)

+ (Disk 3, track 9) "Performances" Box Set on Templar (TCD 43-C)

** "Place Pigalle Vol. 6" No Label (RR 011)

The Words:

1..2..3..4 . . .

Verse 1:

I want more Fiji Gin, but full name is Billy Dean

Tell him to bring his electric guitar, 'cause a poor boy goin' insane

Then we'll duck two bars away, snort an ounce of c_caine

Took myself about 55 jars, 6-pack more a champagne

'D' . . .

Bridge 1:

Ohh baby... I love you (faint)

Oh my baby

Oh baby I love you

Verse 2:

Better watch out for the Fiji Gin, come-up and spend the day

Come on and bring your wah-wah pedal, then let's go on stage

Ronnie brought about, 50,000 kids, and then slipped out in the rain

Fell from the beat to the 25th floor, white girls go insane, eeeh

'D' . . .

Bridge 2:

I love ya...

I wanna pounce, all right

Verse 3:

Better watch out for the split-side Anna, Fistford is out for a raid

Call me up and feed to 21st floor, the poor chicks go insane

You bust 2 ribs (!!), you bust 2 arms, his legs is like stumps in the rain

His brain is shred, his nose is bled, but his hands, they sure could play

'D' . . .

Bridge 3:

Verse 4:

Better watch out for the curse-i-anna, come on Billy Dean

Come on bring your electric guitar 'cause these boys are just gonna play

Come on down Miss Sus-i-anna, Figi Gin's gonna reign

Tell him to bring a, wah-wah pedal, boy we're going insaaane

Swamp rockin' boogie! Coolest chops since Dance Little Sister. Never commercially seen the light of day. What A Shame. Similar to Break The Spell from "Steel Wheels", except it's a much stronger track. Chalked full of names and numerology, which is a bit unusual for Stones lyrics. Jagger delivers a strong vocal with just the essential edge of raspyness. Billy Dean is quite a character, and would clearly fit in with the crowd at the Voodoo Lounge!    

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 10:53:00 AM

Thanks D!


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