Nichelle, My Helle

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

:: Beyond Antares ::

:: Uhura's Theme ::

It’s been a consistent hundred and ten degrees inside my home for the last week and about the only thing I’ve been good for is complaining and going to movies for air conditioning. Now that the temperature is down to an uncomfortable ninety-five, I thought maybe I’d bang out a quick post before my ass sticks permanently to the chair. And what a post it is! How lucky you all are! It’s a Nichelle “Lt. Uhura” Nichols 7-inch atrocity from 1979, in which she lays some incredibly appalling lyrics over amazingly abysmal disco arrangements. Hold on; it’s bad pun time: “She sets her vocal melodies to stun!” “We sure wish she’d close her hailing frequencies!” “She badly goes where no one…[Groan].” It’s too hot for this shit. Just cover the crystal, gaze at that pretty cover art, and see if you can endure some musical torture.