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:: Françoise Hardy - Le Temps De L'Amour.mp3 ::

What is it about French babes? Is it the accent? The cool attitude? The hot looks? The underarm hair? Don't know, but it works for me.

Something about the way they "sing" too. So sexy. Jesus, it drives me crazy even though I can't understand what they're saying. All I know is it's dripping with piping hot, golden brown sex. Yum.

Now that you're totally grossed out by me, I'll say that although I do in fact find Françoise Hardy to fill the bill in the sexy French babe category, I also have major respect for her musical chops. And licks.

Born in 1944, and bursting onto the French pop scene at age 17, she's still going strong and still a hot French babe well into her 60s. No mere mouthpiece, she wrote much of her own material, and unlike some French stylists, she could really sing. Never well known in America (of course), she did have a few hits in England and was admired by guys like Mick Jagger (no surprise there) and Bob Dylan, who name checked her in one of those rambling poems that frequently graced his LP jackets.

By the late 60s she was maturing and much of the rock elements in her unique brand of pop were replaced by a kind of sublime sophistication, which suited her fine. With those good looks, which she succeeded in keeping from being exploited too much, it wasn't long before the likes of Roger Vadim cast her in one of his films. Besides Vadim's "Château en Suède" ( U.S. title: "Nutty, Naughty Chateau"), she appeared in "Grand Prix" and "What's New Pussycat".

I like "Le Temps De L'Amour" because it rocks, nicely. And it makes me want to learn to speak French, and move to Paris and become an old lech who whistles at women on the street. Yeah, I think I could do that.

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